Zone of Avoidance
How to start playing Zone of Avoidance on testnet
Thank you for expressing your interest in participating in the Zone of Avoidance testnet. Below you will find all the information you’ll need to set up your Metamask and start playing!

We want to remind our community that Zone of Avoidance is still in early-stage development, and that the current state of the game should not be taken as any indication of later-stage development. The purpose of this testnet launch is to enlist our awesome community to help fasttrack the development of the game and help iron out all the bugs. Thank you once again!

NOTE: This guide is only for users who received invitation via email.
Getting started
You can access ZoA directly from the browser, so navigate to our website to get started. The first thing you’ll see upon entering is the Lobby welcome screen.
Click “PLAY NOW” to download ZoA. Check out the navigation menu at the top of the site to navigate.
For this tutorial, we’ll stick to the main things you’ll need to do to start playing ZoA, starting with setting up your Metamask.
Adding the BSC test network to your Metamask
Before you can access Zone of Avoidance, you’ll need to set up the BSC test
network in your MetaMask wallet. Follow these steps carefully to do so.
Video guide -

A) Press Wallet in top of the Metamask screen
B) Click ‘Add network’
C) Go to ‘Custom networks’
D) Input the data below:
Network Name: Binance testnet
RPC Url:
Chain ID: 97
Symbol: tBNB
E) Click ‘Add’
P.S. if this url is not working, please get actual information on .
F) Finally, select this network
G) Add tBNB to your wallet using this site:
E) Once you’re connected to the faucet, paste your wallet address in the field below:

Connecting your wallet to the portal
To connect your wallet, you’ll need to click the Login button located at the top of the navigation menu.
After clicking, you will be taken to the authorization page, where you will need to click the “Connect Wallet” button.
After clicking on the button, you will have access to a list of available connection methods using your Web3 wallet.
The system will then ask you to sign the generated message, this is to ensure you really are the owner of your wallet. Don’t worry, it’s free!
Hooray! You have now successfully connected. If you’ve done everything correctly so far, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard page.
Creating your profile
The interface here will differ depending on whether you have created a game profile before, or bought it earlier on the game marketplace. For this tutorial we are going to assume you are using our platform for the first time.

Find the “Create Profile” button at the top of the menu and click it.

You will then be taken to the profile creation page.
Here you’ll be asked to choose a username, and then select from one of the available avatars.

After you’ve made your decisions, click Submit.

You will be asked to confirm these details, double-check you’re happy with everything!
To lock everything in, confirm the transaction through Metamask.
Congrats! You have successfully created an account!
Opening card packs
To try your luck by opening ZoA NFT card packs, you’ll first need to buy one on the marketplace in the INO section, unless you’ve already received one as promotional reward.

For this testnet launched, we have already gifted you a card pack! So follow these instructions to open it.

First, go to the Dashboard section. All of your assets will be here under the Boxes section.
From here, click on the box icon to begin opening them.
If you’re curious about what NFTs you can pull from your pack, click on the “Available Items” section to see what they can contain.
To start opening, specify the number of boxes you want to open at a time (maximum 5) and click the “Open Box” button and confirm the transaction.
Hooray! You just opened your first ZoA NFT card pack!
Moving assets from your wallet to the game
In order for your assets to be displayed in-game, you’ll need to move them to your game profile. In order to do this, click on the Inventory section at the top of the menu.
Here you’ll find that your inventory is divided into two sections: on the left is your crypto wallet inventory, and on the right is the inventory connected to your game profile.
In order to move an asset, click on that asset. This will bring up the interface below.
To move an asset into the game, choose which assets you want to move and click the ‘Transfer to game inventory’ button.
After that, a dialog box will pop up, requiring you to confirm the transaction.
After you’ve confirmed it, the asset/s will be transferred to your game profile for use in-game.
Download the game using the links on the web platform
Simply click “Play now” and choose which app store you want to download it from.

Launching the game
Once you launch the game, press “Connect Metamask wallet” and follow further instructions.

NOTE: Please make sure that you have selected the Binance test chain on your metamask wallet.

Remember: in order to be eligible for ZoA rewards you’ll need to:
1. Complete all daily quests every day for 7 days.
2. Spend all your available fuel every day for 7 days.
3. “Continue without wallet” is just a demo mode and will not bring you any reward.

You will have access to the game for 14 days.

There is also a bug report feature. Users who find and report the most critical bugs will get additional in-game NFT rewards